Saturday, February 16, 2013

a day not to be forgotten.


danny sleeping in.
rachy &jude play.
danny painting the wall.
rachy planning jude's meals.
rachy feeding jude [goat milk] all day.
danny sitting out with jude in the back patio, relaxing.
goat milk, goat milk yogurt, goat milk cereal.... lots of goat milk.
dan hacking away briars &thorns and paving a pathway to the waterfall in our backyard.
rachy &jude exploring the pathway &waterfall in the backyard.
dan spotting a trout in the creek in the backyard.
rachy &jude riding the red rider &visiting the neighbors &all the dogs in the neighborhood.
danny making quesadillas for lunch.
jude dancing &rocking out to daddy on the electric guitar (his moves are unbelievable).
back door open with a barrier covering the stairs.
jude going in &out and exploring.
jude's nose running, running, running.
jude spying on neighbors, waving & "ooh"ing.
loving our neighbors and our backyard chats.
danny &rachy inviting friends over last minute for a weenie roast in the backyard.
rachy makes a quick trip to ingles.
valentine's day chocolate on sale, victory!
weenie roast, cupcakes, chips&hummus, smores with friends.
hot dog dance.
rachy sending jude's empty bike down the hill, causing jude complete hysteria.
rachy comforting, loving, holding, kissing jude.
rachy wearing a big blue moo-moo that also served as jude's neverending kleenex.
bocce ball in the backyard.
another friend joined us, hilarious stories &heartfelt laughs were shared.
jude eating a hot dog.
rachy went in to put jude to bed.
hot dogs chunks that had not been chewed, now on mommy &carpet.
daddy helping.
baby nursed, feeling better, fast asleep.
lovely night continued.
scriptures studied.
highly entertaining stories written by emma hale smith enjoyed.
aunt bee wins the tv show.
tired, tired mama.
dreams of gluten-free cheerios (this is what i dream about now)

lots of love.
a perfect day!