Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our Adventurer

As of yesterday, life doesn't seem like such a mystery anymore. Things may just be falling in to place for us! More on that to come...

For now, let's talk about Jude. He has been soo much fun lately. He will just walk around the house exploring all by himself. The other day I walked into his room to check on him and he was climbing up his bookshelf, no big deal. Then he walked over to me, grabbed my hand, and we walked out into the hall together. I headed towards the kitchen, he stopped, looked up at me, let go of my hand, waved at me, &walked into the bedroom. He was like, "Bye, Mom. I'm goin in here... It's okay if you don't come." I loved it.

Last Friday when we were at UAB for Dan's interview he reached up and grabbed my hand and walked with me hand in hand for the first time. Oh, how the little things are just the best! He loves his Daddy. He always tries to sneak in the office to play with him while he's studying. He will give each of us a kiss and then clap because he knows he's done something good! He gives us raspberries on our tummies while we're all playing before bed. His favorite thing is still to be outside and play and explore and ride his bike. I get my work out pushing him all around the col-da-sac and up and down our steep driveway. Today we went exploring in our woods and walked down the path Daddy made and looked at the creek. We walked back up to the front yard and I set him down by the tree stump. He turned around and oh so courageously headed straight back towards the woods. It's a slightly steep hill into the backyard so I put my hand out to see if he wanted a hand. Nope, he was doin it all on his own. So off he went, two steps and fell. I put my hand out again, nope. Walked a few steps and fell again. This happened several more times until finally he took my hand and we ventured back out to the creek again together. This time he was walking down the path all by himself and he was getting nice &dirty.

He also loves to play in his room and chase us and hide around the back of his crib. His most recent accomplishment was climbing up on his crib and holding himself up. He was a little scared about getting down at first, but he quickly figured it out. He likes to play the kazoo, too. :)