Friday, July 13, 2012

"smart, independent, and cute"

On my way to my last night of work! Pumping bag in hand. And hello, do you see that baby?!

I did it. 

I did it!

I am all done with my travel nursing assignment and I am so proud of myself! I definitely conquered a big one. I learned so much about myself and what I can do. I gained a lot of confidence just throwing myself into it after never having floated to another unit in my life and coming from a tiny hospital in Alabama. I worked at St. Rose DeLima ER holds and med surg, St Rose Siena ER holds (BIGGEST NIGHTMARE EVER), Sunrise RAU (Rapid Admission Unit), ER, the Med Surg Respiratory unit (worst night ever), Med surg renal unit, and rehab. 

I was at Mountainview on my last night and I got sent to be a tasker in the PCU. I got there and when the extremely flamboyant and vial charge nurse found out it was my first night there he said "You're useless then. Go home." I told him I was not useless, I could do it, and I was staying. An hour later when I finished my admission he realized he was wrong about me and told me I was "smart, independent, and cute." I felt good about that. :) I had some of the hardest nights I have ever had in my life but it was so worth it. I wanted to quit before I even started because it was such a nightmare getting compliant for about fifteen hospitals across Las Vegas. I wanted to quit so bad and really didn't think I could do it once I got started, but I did it! It was so worth it and I am thankful I could save up some money while we were down here. My parents were right, I can do anything I put my mind to.

You're looking at the face of the newest stay-at-home mama. GO GIRL.