Saturday, July 7, 2012

sitting away.

Jude first sat up probably during the first week of June. He is getting so much more coordinated. He rolls all around, back to front and front to back like no big thing. He wiggles and moves all over the place. He scoots his way backwards and will be facing a totally different direction when we turn our heads for just a minute. 

We love him. Like, a lot. He is so much fun and full of personality. He absolutely loves to be outside. He sits out on the grass in his bumbo and watches his grandma water the plants. He loves to walk all around the backyard with his grandpa in the mornings and learn all about the plants and the garden. Everyday is an adventure for this little man!

Oh boy, who is he looking at?!

Those gorilla rolls just make me go crazy!


oh noo! and he comes tumbling down...