Friday, July 27, 2012


Jude crawled two days ago for the first time! Emily and three of her sweet kiddies came to visit us before we left... they must have been just the motivation he needed to get moving! It's not a complete coordinated-hands-and-knees crawl yet, it's a little scoot-pull-crawl... and we love it. He can find Rocky Molasses and Mama all by himself!

We got back home to South Carolina yesterday and it feels so good to be home! It may have bare walls, unpacked boxes, sweltering heat until we got the air conditioner fixed yesterday, and no food or ice, but it's home. To my little family. We got the air conditioner fixed, a little food in our fridge, and a weed wacker and life is well again.

We got to the Las Vegas airport with plenty of time yesterday morning... or so we thought. Southwest's computers were down so they were having to do everything by hand. The line for the curbside check-in was literally a block long. It was insane. I dutifully went to the back of the line trying to figure out a way to get past this so we wouldn't miss our flight. It was SURE that we would, and so would everyone else! Two minutes later, my dad comes back and tells me to come with him. He had slipped the worker a little green and poof! there we were at the front of the line. You do what you have to do. It's true. Sometimes you have to make life fair or it won't be! Off we went for a long flight, stop in Houston, and a shorter nap-filled flight to GSP (Greenville/Spartanburg). Our sweet home teacher picked us up (the same one who was mowing our lawn when we first got into town). The airline lost one of our bags but thanks to a couple prayers they dropped it off at our house today, yay! We are busy bees weed wacking, unpacking, decorating, playing (Jude), getting drivers licenses, cleaning, etc. Some new friends invited us over to watch the Olympics tonight and I'm off to make my hubby some taco salad! He's dutifully mowing the lawn right now while I'm sitting on the deck with Jude.