Saturday, April 28, 2012

goodbye alabama!

We love our friends and are already missing them. We love them so much!

Jude and Caroline had a definite connection...

Jude made the first move.

Jonah being sweet and sassy...

Fernie came over to say goodbye to her baby.

We love Fernie!!!

Bishop Wyatt came over to say goodbye. :)

Katlin stayed all day and helped us. She took care of her little Jude. He loooved her!

Josh and Dan. BFFs!

Jonah lovin the pool...

Caroline lovin on Aly.

Megan Sorenson and Cooper bein crazy as always!

Stuart Hopkins and his sweet little girl!

Dan and Aaron Richards, we will miss that smile and laugh!

Trevor bein all manly :)

I miss these girls! Aly, Kim, and Megan