Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 goin on 30

We've been married 3 years on April 11th. Feels like more. It's the most satisfying and wonderful thing to be in a happy, healthy relationship. A lot has happened since we've been married! Moved across the country, I got my license and first job as a nurse, Dan (almost) graduated with his bachelor's degree, we survived the 4th worst tornado in history (literally, Dan saw it on the weather channel), and we brought the most perfect child into this world... so productive!

We love each other a lot. And tell each other at least ten times a day. I'm so thankful we are happy and content just being together. Every day is an adventure. I'm so glad I get to go through all these crazy adventures with him.

Our love gets better every day. We can only imagine the love we will have when we add a zero to that three!

We had a little photo shoot in the backyard. It will be great when Jude can take pictures for us. :)

And then he decided he was done.

And then we got attacked by mosquitoes.

For dinner we dined on grilled pineapple and chicken and garlic lemon potatoes. And of COURSE Martinelli's! Of course.

And then we played with our baby some more.

And he grinned and laughed with his Daddy.

These two are best of friends already.

Preparing to take flight...

And then a little bit of this... yes!