Monday, December 12, 2011

waiting for baby...

I am trying to catch up on my blog posts! My parents arrived in Alabama on December 10 and we spent our days anxiously waiting for our little boy to come! We took them on a tour around town and showed them the tornado damage and took a tour around campus. We also went on a lovely little walk at the Riverwalk park and enjoyed the Black Warrior River. Mom and Dad loved Alabama. :) We celebrated Christmas one night and had fondue. It was delicious! Mom and Dad are hooked. We also played lots of CLUE. Mom and Dan are very shrewd. And looved that game! Of course once the baby came we were plenty busy loving our sweet baby. Dad left on Sunday and Mom stayed until Thursday and helped. She was so sweet to take care of us and help us during the overwhelming transition phase. She cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and took shifts with the baby so we could sleep. It was a sweet memory for me to have my sweet mother with me, a memory I will always treasure and never forget. It was so wonderful to have my dear parents share this wonderful experience with us and I'm so thankful they came!

We hid behind the column at the airport and surprised them.  It was GREAT.

Mom is always collecting leaves and other nic-nak's from nature. :)

Outside of Bryant Denny stadium 
Bear Bryant

The soon-to-be mama & papa :)

Admiring the history of Alabama football. Of course my Dad read every word on every plaque. He was a little naughty and was rooting for the Cornhuskers in Alabama territory!

Tender hand-to-hand moment with the statue. She's the funniest! She was being naughty too and sneaking around in the gameroom looking at the playbooks!

Me and my two favorite guys on the Black Warrior :)

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We loved the beautiful green moss

Fondue night!

Mom loves the calendar we made her!

Dad writing his history :)

Mama bear, soon to be Grandma bear

Thank you so much to my sweet parents for taking care of us and visiting us! We love you!