Friday, December 9, 2011


Well, I successfully completed my last night of work! Walking out of those wide automatic doors at 7:27 was everything I had anticipated. The cool chill nestled up to my face that had the biggest grin on it. I felt silly as people walked by and I was just the giddiest little girl. I was literally giggling as I walked away. Such a wonderful feeling.

It was only a few short hours before Dan and I returned to the hospital, this time for our last appointment with Dr. Smith before the due date! I was feeling a little emotional and nervous. Dan was feeling a little tired and grumpy. But of course we both had the biggest smiles on our faces when Dr. Smith walked in.

OHH... did I mention the baby's heart rate?


He knew I needed that. Did I mention how many pounds I have gained?


It's the best. I love my doctor because he doesn't even mention it anymore. My blood pressure was 


A tad higher than usual due to my anxiety and that I had just stepped off the scale... but still healthy as can be, thank goodness. Dan and I sat down in subwaiting and he asked, "How much do you weigh?" I started to cry. The doctor was so proud that was I continuing to progress. I am already dilated to 


Go us (me&baby). The next seven can feel free to come this easy. Dr. Smith thinks that I will have the baby on Monday or Tuesday, but not before Saturday (when my mommy & daddy get into town!) Baby is being so cooperative. Such a good little boy. Only a few more days and we will get to see that precious little face... oh my goodnesssssssss.