Saturday, December 10, 2011

pram daddy

Soon my precious danny will be a daddy
This post is an ode to him.

Thank you for loving me every day.
Thank you for making me laugh every day [dooky howser].
Thank you for offering to shave my legs for me.
Thank you for always picking up whatever I drop on the floor.
Thank you for cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the apartment for me.
Thank you for putting the suitcases under the bed and organizing the shoes and baby clothes.
Thank you for knowing what's best for me, especially when I don't (it's probably better to stay home today).
Thank you for trusting me and not judging me when I buy bags of "snacks."
Thank you for plunging the toilet with the broken plunger. 
(That one might take the cake)
Thank you for giving me more kisses in one day than I could count.
How did I get so lucky?
Thank you for making the little things fun and enjoyable and being a Christmas angel.
Thank you for supporting me in everything, from cloth diapers to decorating.
Thank you for wearing your wool socks right now, you look adorable and just made my morning.

no man should look that good with a pram
Thank you for taking me to Pepito's the other day. We are taking every opportunity to celebrate. :)
Thank you for surprising me with that delicious special drink.
You make me feel special.

I love you soo much.
I can't wait to experience this new adventure with you.
I can't wait to see you holding our baby.
I know my heart will change and will never be the same.
I hope he is just like his daddy!