Friday, June 6, 2014

Life lately.

Life has been good. Like, really good. Like, so good that I don't even want to talk about it out loud for fear that I will jinx it. But I think the good should be shared. So, I shall.

I still chew ice all the time. But I love it. Love it. I tried to give i/t up, but I can't. It's my coffee/cigarettes/whatever else people love/need. It's one of life's little joys for me. And although I know it is bad for my teeth, it is also my main source of fluid intake for the day. Like, 8 cups of water per day through ice. So, that's how I justify. It's not all bad.

As an update to a previous post where we found a townhome across the street that we thought maybe if crazy dreams came true, we could move into it.

And guess what.

IT'S HAPPENING. There is a copy of the lease in my inbox and it is sitting pretty waiting for us to take over on June 10th. And guess what else? I was speaking with the lady (very official term) and she told me she was waiting on the painters to come because she wanted to give it a fresh coat of paint. And I just MENTIONED that I adore white paint and white walls and would be tickled pink if she could drop a note with the painters for white. And she said she would. CHA-CHANG. I hope to never see a beige wall again. UGH.

So we are packing. And it's not tons of fun, but what's waiting is! A three-bedroom townhome with a garage and a backyard and a washer and dryer and an open kitchen and two and half baths and... sighhh. I'm pretty excited.

And lately, after Abraham falls asleep for "our" nap in my bed, I sneak away! And then I am all by myself to do whatever I please! (Like eat ice while blogging) It's pretty exciting.

And lately, Abraham doesn't have to nap every hour and we can run errands without the world spinning out of control. We took a Whole Foods trip the other day and it was quite pleasant, actually. 

AND... This is a big one... Dan had like,  A MONTH break from school. No school. No work. Just being a husband and daddy and it has been so dreamy. And then this week he started his research job with his school and it just happens to be the most incredible job ever. Like, he gets paid a set amount for the "8 week" research project. Even though some days he only goes in for three hours! And can do some stuff from home! It's just too good. 

I went back to work and... I didn't die. I survived it all and pumped and all was well. I even asked my friends to drive my to work a couple times so Dan could bring me the baby at lunch time to nurse! I was soo dreading going back to work and missing my babies so badly. But it turned out okay and on my third day back I was a big girl and went through the day all by myself. But, THANK YOU TIM & NIKKI!! They are the greatest, kindest people!

And the other big one that's pretty much taking over my life lately...

Through the introduction of a friend and other things, I am having some great realizations. I am realizing how i need to be eating and feeding my family and why it is so important. What I'm learning is incredible. Why organic. Why NON-GMO. How these things are harming us. Why so many allergies today. Etc. I feel empowered by my knowledge and my new desires for change.

WAPF (Weston A. Price Foundation)

So much to say about that ^^^^. I will share more on my blog but not today. Please google it.

Baby crying, must go!