Tuesday, January 22, 2013

my kangaroo quacker.

(a few days ago..)

Jude got his one year shots on Tuesday, which included the Chicken Pox and MMR vaccines, which contain live viruses. (It may sound scary, but getting vaccinated is very important! These diseases have killed, made ill, or severely debilitated millions and are now drastically reduced. (here, too), almost eliminated in the US even. We can not deny the facts, people.) He was really brave when he got the shots and was over it in like, 10 seconds, but he has been feeling a little under the weather since. He also threw up on the car ride home the other day (I was rushing to try to get home to take care of him, that backfired)... Between that and the twelve hour plane ride/travel from LV to SC, he has just been a little sensi. Sweet baby. He wants me to hold him all the time so I just put him the ergo baby and get to work. The highlight of his days are the bike rides out front on his little Red Rider when it's not rainy or cold (which is has been mostly the whole time we've been back!) We love how much he has been cuddling with us and how he'll rest his cheek on ours and rest his head on our chests and give us loves. He knows how to give us loves and when we say "Give ___ a kiss" he will turn towards that person and open his mouth wide and give them a big kiss, usually on the lips. It completely melts our hearts! We had a wonderful time in Las Vegas and sure do miss the fam, but it is nice to be home! Jude is reacquainting himself with everything and everyone. He had more fun that he could handle yesterday playing with Joslin next door. Oh, we missed them!

We took him to the park one day last week. We knew he was having fun but he just couldn't budge a smile! He couldn't take his eyes off the ducks, his favorite animal. Have I ever even mentioned on this blog how Jude quacks?! He quacks when he is happy or excited or sees something he likes. It is the greatest. So when he sees actual ducks quacking?! He can't get enough.


(a few days later...)

Jude is feeling much better. He will actually let Dan hold him sometimes or even sometimes play by himself for a max of two minutes before he wants me to hold him again. :) He still likes to kick it with mama in the ergo. Today I was stirring chocolate fondue with one hand and feeding Jude stew with the other while he was in the ergo. I loved it. I made this chicken, quinoa, sweet potato stew the other day and Jude loves it! I was so thrilled. Feeding Jude can be a lot of work sometimes, so it such a lovely relief when he likes what I put so much effort into. :) He is quite the little chatter. He says dad (&all pertaining variations, mama (rarely), go, yay, ohh! (as he points), & wow (this is a recent addition and my personal favorite. i love to see the things that make him say wow.)

Jude points at everything. It is the funniest. He will want you to hold him and then he will just hold his arm out pointing at anything and everything. He will point at something and go "ohhh" so we'll take him over to it, then he'll point at something else, we'll take him to it, it goes on and on. He loves to just leave that finger out and point at everything, and sometimes nothing. It is so cute. Earlier today I was nursing him to sleep and he was in my arms with his eyes closed and his arm still out, pointing. Dreaming of something interesting I'm sure.

We had a birthday dinner for Meghan tonight (more to come on that later) and we had a dance party after to our jam, 22 by Taylor Swift. It was delightful. I love how my dance moves have evolved over the years. We love to bounce and spin around in circles.

Life is good. We are healthy and reaching new levels of happiness. Thank you, the Gospel. :)