Wednesday, January 30, 2013

at this very moment...

this very moment was one of my best moments, ever. laying in bed with my two boys in the middle of the afternoon. jude had just woken up from a half-hour wimpering in bed (not) nap and he very happily joined us in bed. first he came right up to dan's face like he had the intent to give a kiss. then he burped right on dan's cheek. it was the cutest &funniest. (you understand if you have a baby so adorable that you think even their burping is cute). dan and i gave each other a little kiss and jude did not want to be left out. he went in slowly and put his face on ours, just holding it there, knowing something special must be going on. we then looked up at him and he gave me a big open mouth kiss and just held it there for a good five seconds. then looked us at both and dad asked for his, he leaned in and gave me another one. then he sat back up and dan got threee beautiful little kisses. then another one for mommy. then another one for daddy. he has no idea how much we love, need, &live for those kisses!

We picked some carrots out of our garden last night!

Jude has been saying "mom mom mom mama" all day, more than he ever has, and it just melts my heart to no end!