Sunday, January 27, 2013

for the Love of January

January has been mostly very pleasant. We have not had a sick soul in this household and are very glad and planning to keep it that way. I feel like everybody has been sick. So lots of juice and fish and breast milk and wheat germ and hand washing going on over here. We have had plenty of indoboarding (Dan's dream has come true), doctor's visits (one year check up, WIC, allergist, and dentist!), visiting teaching (the adorable piano), and Lowe's and grocery trips (just to feel the wind in our face and give Jude a little adventure, not to mention a 3/$10 Mayfield ice cream sale).

I just found this picture on my phone and it made me happy. "Say cheese!!"

Just so I don't forget our 12+ hour day travelling just Jude and I. And the big black man blocking Jude from escaping into the aisle. "Excuse me, sir... I'm trying to get through and, um, your leg is in my way..."

We had an ice storm type thing the other day. It was supposed to snow and Dan was anxiously anticipating it for days, even weeks when we had a false alarm. It "snowed" for a couple minutes, but not really. It was more like little frozen rains.

We have a little bird heaven in our backyard. It is so much fun to look out the window every morning as Jude vigorously throws his arm out and points at everything he sees. Dan has been exploring and working on some fun projects down at the creek in our backyard. It is truly a magical place where we live.

My favorite part of January was probably when Dan got a phone call from an unknown 205 area code the other day... It was UAB. Optometry School. And Dan got an interview! It is this coming Friday at the school in Birmingham, Alabama. Dan must be a competitive applicant because he got an interview without having taken the Optometry Admission Test yet... they want him?! I think so. He takes the OAT in two Fridays. We are excited. They are going to have to disable the fire alarms in the testing center because he is going to smoke it!

Our pretty little haven of a home is going to be up for sale soon. So I am cleaning and trying to make things neutral. This doesn't come naturally for me. Luckily I only painted one wall. It will soon return it's former taupe glory.

Here is the perfectly imperfect roman shade I made for our little dining area. Maybe it will fit somewhere in our next place?!

Jude is loving life. He still prefers pureed foods over real, which is fine. As long as he is eating! Lately he has been eating veggies, fruits, stews, coconut milk ice cream, corn tortillas dipped in salsa, plain tuna fish, freeze dried strawberries, craisins, brown rice cakes, oatmeal, rice cereal... did you notice there is no wheat, eggs, or milk in any of those things?! Probably because he's allergic. We are learning lots and so healthy it's insane. 

Here's our sweet boy after church. He had a ball in church today. He cried when we left.

Something miraculous happened today. Jude forgo'ed his afternoon nap (I don't think that has ever happened, ever) and stayed up and played while I cleaned up (he let me clean!!!) and he even grabbed that Swiffer and helped. What a gem!

Just to make sure this post is long enough, have you ever seen "You Can't Take it With You?" with Jimmy Stewart? If not, you should. It is amazing.