Tuesday, February 14, 2012

have mercy, valentine...

We met for some tuna on crackers and heart-shaped sugar cookies at our favorite park and had a little photo shoot with our babe. We just can't get enough of those blue eyes and ever-reddening executive hair.

Oh. My. Goodness... I'm in love.

Really, couldn't be any more in love.

We own no water bottles so I had to get creative. Baby bottles! It was so great. Who needs goblets?! At least they were glass and very toast-able.

I really just couldn't get enough, so we had another little Valentine's Day shoot. He was giving me some new faces. :)

Ohhh, those eyes are irresistible!

And those arm rolls...

We celebrated extra high class with some shepards pie and of course, Martinelli's. We even used real goblets. So fancy. Valentine's Day was just wonderful. Lots of love in this house. Let's celebrate again this weekend. Okay?! Okay!

happy valentine's day! <3