Saturday, February 18, 2012


Happy 35th Anniversary 
to the sweetest, most wonderful parents!! I grew up with a perfect example of what love is and how marriage should be. As I have grown up, I've realized this and also how truly rare it is. They compliment each other perfectly. They put the Lord first and are wonderful examples of how the Lord has guided their lives and made so much of them through their consecration. They are content just being together. They don't need anything big or fancy to make them happy. I am so thankful I have this example to pattern my own life and marriage after. It is obvious to everyone they know how happy they are. People respect and look up to them because they really just "get it." Nothing makes me feel better than to hear my parents say Dan and I remind us of how they were at that age. I can only hope our lives and our marriage will be as eternally successful as theirs has been so far.

35 years may seem like a lot, but in the eternal scheme of things they are still as newly-wedded as this precious little couple above. I am thankful they have been sealed together in the holy temple and have been faithful to those covenants that they may be able to be together for ever and ever!

Their hairs may be graying but they are just as young and vibrant on the inside as they have ever been, probably more. Life has not brought them down and made them tired and weary like it does to so many. It has invigorated them with a love for life and those around them. They truly live a full and happy life. They have all they need in each other.

So perfect together. 
Two peas in a pod. 
A power couple by every definition of the phrase.

They make me laugh and smile and feel warm inside every day of my life. They are just simply the best. I have so many times wondered how I am one of the lucky two who have them as my very own mother and father. So many look to them as mother and father figures in their own lives. I know how I lucky I am and am so very thankful to call them my own.

Happy Anniversary Mama and Daddy!!! We love you sooo much and are so glad we could make you grandparents!!!! <3 Thank you for loving and supporting us endlessly in all that we do.