Friday, February 10, 2012


I have the best coolest little friend in the whole world. He is my buddy. I am his number one and I'm so glad. He likes to cuddle with me. He likes it when I pat his back. He likes it when I wash him and keep him clean. He likes it when I feed him. He likes it when I change his diaper. He likes it when I hold him. He likes it when I look at him and make faces and giggle and kiss him. He likes it when I kiss his feet and eat his little toe. He likes it when I swaddle him up. He likes it when I take him on walks. He likes it when I five S him. I decided today that I'm his number one best friend. It's just the most indescribably out-of-this-world feeling to be loved and needed by something this perfect. I want to bask in it as much as possible before the boy next door becomes his best friend, or maybe his super cool Dad. For right now, it's all me. I'm claiming it and loving it.

I love him so much it hurts. Like, your heart just hurts because you can't even express or get out the love that's bursting inside. His squishy upper arms are soo soft and nice. His cheeks are like 44 million thread count satin. And there is nothing better than when his juicy, wet lips plant on my cheek and try to eat me. 

Best. Feeling. Ever.