Saturday, September 3, 2011

workin' mama [24 weeks].

how is it that i loose track of how many "weeks" i am?! they come and go before i even have a chance to fully appreciate the happenings of the week. i guess that's what happens when you work nine nights in a row. yuck. like, started wednesday night and ended the next friday morning. that should be either illegal or a sin. thank goodness it's over. i'm counting down how many "weeks" of work i have left until it's baby time. one super huge extra lovely perk of having a baby is that i will be


at least for three whole months. i might go back for a few months after that to keep our benefits while dan is a full-time stay-at-home daddy, but i might not. :) everything thinks we're a little crazy, but i think it's absolutely fabulous and wonderful. we have some money saved up. all will be well. that i know better than anything else. i have faith that it will. i know, know, know (know, know, know, know) Heavenly Father will make a way for us to provide and have everything we need (and probably a few things we want too...).

anywho- i am 25 weeks now.

TWENTY-FIVE?! that's as many pennies as there are in a quarter! i feel that last week was so fully devoted to trying to fit into scrubs and keep my pants from falling off, i have to post a picture of me in my scrubs. even though this picture is technically taken at 25 weeks, it represents 24 weeks.

we have been cozying up to a name... slowly but surely. it is perfectly fantastic. still cozying up, nothing sure yet. we are keeping the name a pretty little mystery until the baby debuts. he wants it that way.