Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I'm so behind/totally missing so many of my pregnancy updates! I have all sorts of cute outfits goin' on now that my belly is fully pregnant, but now my camera lens has been damaged and my pictures all turn out ultra fuzzy/scratchy (that's why my face looks all faded). Excuses, excuses...

ANYWHO... the Mulder family is doing quite fab. Mama and son are healthy and happy. He's jabbin and punchin and kickin and running. Always perks up when Daddy comes around. :) I am feeling healthy and energized and happy. I am in the doctor-approved weight gain zone... yay! I had to "cut back on carbs" for a while there (per Dr's advice)... It wasn't easy, but all is well. Tums are my new pocket mate. Who knew they work such wonders?!