Thursday, December 17, 2009

why i love home.

1. my dad makes hot n naughties for us every night. unbeatable. &he is so proud of them :]. &should be.
2. having TV with all sorts of fancy cable &starz and movies and rewinding &pausing!! it's so much fun.
3. wearing shorts &a t-shirt on december 15th.
4. trying on quite the funnest& fanciest outfits at urban outfitters with my husband/prancing around mandalay bay/luxor.
5. the winter wonderland my house is! it's so decked out. in a classy &beautiful way. we never want to leave the living room.
6. a fridge full of FRUIT! i'm so content. not to mention the box of chocolates under the fridge.
7. having the funnest/cutest guy to hang out with me all the time. we played bocce ball &frisbee at the park today.
8. having the FUNNIEST/best/most hilarious/cutest parents this world has ever seen.
9. the "i'm on holiday" shirt my mom bought me! i'm sooo on holiday. :]
10. love. there is lots of it here. :] &jared gets here on THURSDAY!! we can't wait!