Wednesday, December 30, 2009

allergies stink.

i am far too familiar with the two A's... allergies &asthma. stinky! i've had them for as long as i can remember. i keep my inhaler with me at aLL times, or i panic. especially if i am in a new environment where it might be triggered, i literally hold it in my hands when i sleep. because i know how horrible it is when i need it and can't find it/don't have it with me. i love puppies so much & it hurts me when i can't hug and kiss and play with them! they must think i hate them.

exhibit a:
our little princess tubby is a lhapsa-poo [1/2 lahpsa apsa, 1/2 poodle] and i love her so much but she makes me sniffle, sneeze, &wheeze. so i can't give her loves and it's so sad. because i do love her!

exhibit b:
every time before i come to vegas to visit home my mom gets the carpets cleaned, and has tubby shaved so she has hardly any hair at all... i still take an antihistamine every morning, sleep with a HEPA fan, &keep my inhaler in my pocket! but it definitely helps.

exhibit c:
i am at dan's grandparent's house visiting for a week &dan's parents brought their little dog chloe, who i am allergic to as well! so they have to keep the poor little dog secluded in the bedroom or in the backyard. and she probably can't figure out why. i can't even sit by aunt barb because she has a cat &the cat fur is on her!

i am currently being treated by a chiropractor here in st. george with NAET [Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques] for my allergies to cats, dogs, and animal dander in general. they basically do some tests by testing my muscle strength in my arm while holding vials with the genetic coding of cats and dogs in my other hand... then they tape the vial to my skin right underneath my collarbone for 24 hours &supposedly i am healed. i might be a little skeptical but figured i'd give it a try.

so that's that! we'll see how it goes. wish me luck :].