Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wool socks. punkin choco chip cookies. fall is fave.

Everything here in Tuscaloosa is dandy &well! We are in the process of starting our jobs… waiting for schedules via email, waiting for callbacks from rather flaky employers, mostly just waiting. But we secretly don’t mind because we get to spend our days watching movies, sewing, doing projects around the house, hanging out with our friends all day long, watching football, baking, etc. I’ve been sewing every day & I love it so much. I like to make copies from books at the library or find tutorials offline so I don’t have to buy patterns. And big patterns are too big& unmanageable for me.

Last weekend was homecoming weekend at the university. We went to a big bonfire the school does on Friday night before the game. We went with our friend Andrew and Kelly Batteen and Kris and Jessica Driggers. The next day Dan &I went to the homecoming parade with some people from the ward & the missionaries. Some lady gave us all energy drinks. The parade was HILARIOUS. We loved it/love it here in general. Then we spent the day & Kris & Jessica’s… the guys watched football and me & Jessica sewed [so stereotypical and the best].

We went on our first 2 fishing trips [2 days in a row I might add]. Didn’t catch anything yet, but we’re getting there. I sit in a beach chair and read a book with my pole out in the water while Dan puts on his waders and walks across and up and down the river looking for fish. We call it the compromise. Life is good. That’s all. We love our life in Alabama! :]