Thursday, October 8, 2009

6 months. half a year. big grins &a happy tear.

my huckleberry fin husband and his wacky excited wife have been married for SIX months now. six months seems like quite a while, but also hardly enough time at all. a lot has happened. lots of learning and love. i think that sums everything up :]. my beautiful, very beautiful friend nicki wrote me a poem to celebrate. which alone inspired this blog entry [did i mention she is probably the most eloquent girl i've ever been so blessed with?]. this little pretty little piece welled up tears in my eyes!

Six months.
Does it feel like more? Does it feel like less?
Does your heart still flutter in your chest?
Do you dream of him and wake up to find—
a dream turned into real life kind?
My darling dear you’ve chosen well,
in bliss and happiness you’ll dwell.
Hold him close and don’t let go
for that’s the way two lovers grow