Saturday, October 10, 2009

RM RN :].

alabama has been very good to us. right now we are at the school watching the alabama vs ole miss game. [dan is watching the game, i am blogging/facebooking/looking for jobs/looking up crafts/decor stuff online.] &alabama is winning of course:]. here are some of the highlights of our last couple weeks! oh, &i took my nursing test to become an RN a couple days ago &PASSED finally! so i am now officially an RN! thank you for all the prayers &fasting on my behalf. i am so thankful to Heavenly Father for helping me! i literally feel like he took the test for me &it was only by his grace that i passed.
dan made this for me for our fondue night! it was almost too beautiful to eat but we managed to.our friends andrew &kelly took us to the alabama vs. arkansas game! it was so fun! the town goes CRAZY at games.
right after we ate our big hot dog. waiting for the rain to calm down.
we sat in the student section. it was lots of fun :) they love to stand the ENTIRE game.
ohh... &bama won. of course.
dinner at cypress hill the night before the test. courtesy of mom &daddy jams! our spot overlooked the black warrior river. deeelicious:).
he got the seafood platter. catfish, mussels, shrimp, crab, &scallops. a LOT of food!
dinner the night i took the test. mom &dad mulder's treat! we went to mugshots &both got rib tips!
straw stach.
playing in the park. right after my test. right before our first trip to the birmingham temple!
this is what dan did during my test. went to three parks around birmingham and saw a 4 ft long, 100 pound CATFISH jump out of the water. totally made his day:).
one of the BEST moments. so elated with tears in my eyes.
telling my mom on the phone.
dinner to celebrate! on mom &daddy james. we at the mellow mushroom &had the best calzones.
continued our celebrations with a bottle of white grape welch's grape juice. mmm.
dan's certificate of admission into the university of alabama!
our new chair! we got new furniture with our gift certificate we got for moving into our apartment. all of it was FREE!
our loveseat! &the lamp is in the process of being decoupaged.
our sofa!
our cute little dinky table look so funny in our big dining room.

thanks for reading. love &miss you!