Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jude's first haircut

I won't go into details about how we actually accomplished the hair cutting of the squirmy little toddler... let's just say it took all three of us, the tub, and a "little snack." 

Looking back at these pictures, we really didn't cut off that much. SOMEBODY (not the father) was a little nervous about him loosing his baby curls and them never coming back so I was kind of freaking out... "Noo!! Stop!! You're cutting too much!! It's chopped!!!"

Now that it's several weeks later, I'm happy to saw those fuzzy little curls have come back with a vengeance. It's already time for haircut #2!!

While we're kind of the subject of bath time... I'll share a couple more pictures. This is one of Dan's favorite things to do. He gets Jude right when he's out of the tub, wraps him up like a little tiny baby, and cuddles, nuzzles, and kisses him as much as possible. And Jude likes it! It's really the only time Jude complies to Dan holding him this way.