Friday, May 24, 2013


Let's not focus on how long ago Easter was... we'll just keep chuggin along, one post at a time! We had a little Easter egg hunt at our friend Jen's house with a bunch of little ones. It was so fun. Jude knew just what to do. He got really excited, took my hand, and off we went grabbing eggs. It was one of those surreal moments in parenthood where I was just beaming inside and soaking it all in, thinking "Am I really on an Easter egg hunt with my little "baby" Jude?" It's true what they say. They grow up so fast! He was not interested in and did not care what was in the eggs. We played on the jungle gym while the other kids devoured their goodies. I was a little worried about him not being able to have most of the candy, but he didn't care... Yay! Little victory. He never eats candy or sweets so he just doesn't care about them I guess!

I was bummed Dan wasn't there so we had another little hunt at home after his nap. Dan placed the eggs in a little trail for them and Jude was all over it. Some of the eggs had "Whole O's" (gluten-free Cheerios) in them... Yum!

We had a little photo shoot in his Easter outfit. Joslin was there of course there, considering it was in their yard. Most of Jude's smiles are thanks to her! Sitting angelically in a grassy field only lasted so long before he was off hauling around the largest, dirtiest object with the most sharp claws that he could find. Typical Jude. Typical boy! LOVE it. :)

All the Easter egg hunts and little outfits are lovely, but only reminders of why we celebrate Easter. Because our Savior died for us and was resurrected on the third day, we too can live after we die. Not only can we live, but we can live together, happily, with our families in a place more glorious than we can even imagine. Forever am I indebted to my perfect Savior for his sacrifice and forever grateful I am for his resurrection.