Saturday, May 5, 2012


We have officially moved to Boiling Springs, South Carolina as of yesterday.


It's a little ridiculous. We're the new kids in town. Loving it all and eating it up like two kids on Christmas. Our own house?! Really?! With the most gorgeous view of green as far as the eye can see outside the back windows? Or a perfectly placed wooden patio perfect for evening dinners? Or big, open windows that let all the light in? Or Jude's own room?! We are so happy and thankful and excited for all of these things and much more. Just in case we weren't thankful/humble enough...

After a long trip, we excitedly turned the corner onto our street. We drove down to the end of the cul-de-sac to find a man, a complete stranger even, mowing our lawn. Spending hours out of his day to mow the lawn, the extremely large, highly inclined lawn, of complete strangers in the humid heat of day... just to welcome us into the ward. Kind might be an understatement. Before long we had loads of men over who unpacked our ten-foot U-haul in a matter of minutes. We been welcomed so warmly already!

Now let the unpacking, appliance shopping, and Lowe's trips begin!