Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little easier... maybe.

It's getting easier! Yay.

If I could have had a more experienced mother say any one thing to me as a new, frazzled
mother-of-a-newborn, it would have been...

"It will get easier."

One to starts to feel a little hopeless at moments of exhaustion, sleep deprivation, lactation issues, crying baby, etc. But I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it, get in the jive a little bit... meaning, showering regularly, applying make-up more than once a week, making dinner (I'm on my third night in a row, thank you very much...), cleaning at least one thing every day, etc. It feels good. :)

If I ever feel discouraged I just think... it doesn't matter if I do any of those things (above)... I am taking care of my sweet baby! I am nourishing his life and his soul and he loves me (best feeling ever). I am single-handedly sustaining his life, physical growth, and nourishment. And it's working! He's gaining weight and chunky to boot (other best feeling ever)! I am his mother.

So I'm feeling pretty good about it. Not to mention, I purposefully exercised for the first time since Jude arrived today. I did the Calorie Busting Party on Netflix. It was the cheesiest. They always have to have the token thicker person doing the work-out so us normal people don't feel bad about ourselves. Theirs was, of course, the chunky red-headed girl in the back corner. We were kindred spirits. Except she looked good and knew what she was doing. I was all alone in the living room and I was literally embarrassed at how uncoordinated and ridiculous I looked. I knew I did. I checked during a couple moves in the mirror and I was right.

But I did it. All 45 minutes. Go me. 15 pounds to go. 

And of course a picture of Jude, I know that's all you really want to see. :)