Sunday, August 8, 2010

lake love lovely love.

we are in las vegas! jared's wedding is august 14th, so we came out a little early to spend time with the family! we are loving it so much. went swimming, wakeboarding, &sort of tubing at lake mead. ate real armenian food at shish kabob. played cranium &yahtzee. had a gift opening session to kick off the J&K celebrations. went swimming in the back yard. ate lots of delicious food including ice cream [haagen daaz bars, pistachio, sherbet] &tilapia [which kristina liked!], and the famous tomatoes, baguettes, &mozzarella cheese with fresh basil picked straight from the backyard.

it has so been so wonderful getting to know kristina &seeing jared with the love of his life! we just love spending time with our family! [we hadn't seen them for 8 months, that's too long.] &we even got to see dan's dad for a couple hours today {call it a pretty coincidence}!

the best is yet to come! will update!