Wednesday, May 5, 2010

lovely&lively: TROUSERS.

every woman should own a pair of jeans like this. they lengthen and flatter. these pants are golden because they flatter every body type. they are classy &they'll make your tush look good with a pair with wedge heels. i would pair with a fitted top to balance out the straight leg.


try with:

your favorite top, brightly colored belt,& a lightweight sweater that falls loosely just above the belt.

or wear those same peices, just wrap a thin belt around your waist, &wear it over the unbuttoned sweater.

delicate belt around your hips&a dressier, fitted top [try tucked in!]

or wear to work with a simple, pretty top like this &some of your favorite jewelry to add some love:

endless options...

all classy&flattering.

everyone will wonder where that sassy lady is headed.