Friday, May 7, 2010

i miss the 1950's.

i miss the 1950's, &i've never even been there.
i miss life without all the billboards, the loud advertisements, commercials, facebook, internet on cell phones, texting, earphones in every ear, trashy, sleezy girls who wear nothing in public, women acting like men, boys acting like girls, wal-mart taking over the world, citizens of the US with no sense of patriotism or hard work, etc.

the other day i ran out of vanilla mid recipe &needed 2 tablespoons of vanilla. i decided i would venture to the neighbor's doors and try to locate some. i went to FOUR neighbors... no one had vanilla!

"girl, not even close."

"if it doesn't come out of a box i don't eat it..."

how sad. i was thoroughly dissapointed with our modern world.

i'm currently in the verizon store, waiting to be seen. okay, maybe i do enjoy some aspects of this technological maze we live in...