Thursday, April 15, 2010

one year of blissful adventure.

april 11, 2009: dan and i were married in the las vegas temple, to be together... forever.

april 10&11, 2010: we celebrated!!

"the first year is the hardest." we heard that far too many times. i guess it's a breeze from here:]. we had some emotional times, it's true. but i blame that on YAZ (i would strongly recommend it to NOBODY). we have learned so much about ourselves &each other. it has been so wonderful to have such a strong bond &connection with another person, who i know i will always have. i love him 1000x more &so much deeper &more true than one year ago. i don't have to rely on just being "in love" anymore, it is so much more than that. [although we are, &i'm happy to say, as cutesy, cuddly, &in love as we were one year ago].

let the adventures begin...
here are our our top picks from the photo shoot. shnazzy.

might be my profile pic right now.

it looks better sideways:]. ps- very proud of dan for his artistic styling &flattering angles in this one; we've been working on that.

content... i was.

our dining locale of choice...

here dan goes again with his artistic skills taking over. pretty cute little place. we're all for early dinner with the golden agers.

"will you take a picture of us? it's our anniversay...."

we were UTTERLY bamboozled &flabbergasted by these noodles DYED WITH SQUID INK... have you ever heard of that before in your LIFE? i know, me either. i was literally yelling when i saw them. "WHAT IS THAT!?!??!?!" everyone was so amused by my childlike enthusiasm. they were big raviolis. [we made sure to avoid anything with spinach.]

macro shot.

our personalized, grafitti-ed aged wine bottle [2004 probably].

look at how cute our town is.

we so pleasantly stumbled across the sweetest banjo player. he played us dan's favorite song, "dueling banjos," which he pulled off very well for playing by himself. he even gave me a t-shirt (picture to follow). there were a couple little girls dancing right behind us, &dan loved it so much he did a jig or two of his own...

we then ventured off to one of dan's natural discoveries. [dan often stands in model-esque positions like this without even realizing it. eye candy, i'd say]

outfit change! this is the shirt that was so kindly given to me to promote his "firehouse lodge" if we ever need a place to have a party. i bet he would even play the banjo for free.

the flowing river we were playing next to. this outfit change is most true to the alabamian inside. &i'm holding the sweet little flower dan picked for me.

what's next? none other than the m o s t divine, delicious, &delectable cherry cobbler. and a relaxing night by the fire.

lake nichol.

how cute is he? he doesn't even try.

we then had a very exciting late night adventure at PUBLIX [the bogo's blew our mind] &look at ALL these flowers dan got me!! he pays no expense for my glee...

our actual anniversary was on sunday, i was a little tired at church that day. this our sweet friend max/teng buo from taiwan. he's probably a prodigy... learned how to tie a tye in one try! i feel like that's not normal.

one year exactly from our wedding! same dress i wore to the temple, same suit:].

so after church i slept &slept... and what did i wake up to??? THIS... carrot/roll faces and everything. REALLY???! i know. those pork chops were brined to perfection.

this is my happiest, groggiest face.

and then off to work that night!

overall, a SUCCESS. we love being married for one year. according to john bytheway, we are no longer "newlyweds." woah.