Sunday, April 18, 2010

huckleberry finn & jim.

hurricane creek: one of dan's fishing spots, a really pretty river. he discovered a rope swing on his adventuring there, &it's our favorite!! on friday AND monday we took our fishing poles and our little raft &headed down the creek, fishing as we calmly floated. it was divine. then once we got a ways down the river we get to our final destination [for now, at least]- the rope swing! we then swim, jump, swim, jump, fish, jump, explore, etc.

i caught a NINE pound monstrous catfish from the raft. it was quite terrifying. i excitedly started to reel it in and once i got a glimpse of how monstrous and disgusting it was i nervously made dan finish reeling it in and got all frantic, almost cried &kept saying "don't let it touch me! get it away from me!" that feroucious fish broke the line right before we got him up, which i wasn't heartbroken about. it would have been a LITTLE crowded on that 2 person raft with all 3 of us. needless to say, it was one of the prouder moments of my young life. didn't have the camera on that trip- BUMMER.

the rope swing is our favorite. we swing out so far over the river and i just love the feeling of flying through the air! we even met the guy who made it and he did some rope swings tricks for us. very entertaining.

we then trudge through the woods and walk back up to part of the river where we started. last time i trudged through a barb wire fence (which dan so conveniently stepped over without even realizing). i have some scratches, but i felt pretty tough with bloody scratches on my legs like no big deal. we got sonic after with coupons and they basically paid US to eat there... and they didn't take our coupons so we can go get some more 49 cent milkshakes!

we're huckleberry finn and jim. i'm jim be default. :}