Tuesday, March 9, 2010


with my birthday coming up &all.. i figured i would spend some of time creating wishlists from a couple of my favorite stores so all my dedicated fans/readers would have some direction in their frenzied search for the perfect gift. i know, i know... you were alreADY planning on buying me that cute little $200 coat from anthropologie &those cute pillows from urban outfitters, i'll be SO surprised, i promise. so go ahead, check it out &see how i will dress after i win the lottery!

these are the kinds of things i do when my #1 task is to... not sleep [since i have work tomorrow night &must sleep tomorrow day]. i have learned... the garbage man comes &empties the dumpster at 4:00 am- who knew? also, i have watched 1.7 episodes of gilmore girls, in what should have taken apprx one hour has taken three, due to the quality of my stolen internet. it's so much fun watching shows in 2,000 0.5 second segments. it's kind of not fair that my soul mate is sound asleep resting blissfully in the next room over &i am forbidden from cuddling with him due to the immediate risk of REM.

i get very hungry around 3:00... almost to the point of my stomach hurting... so i go in the kitchen &find nothing. here i am at 5:00... hungry. maybe a little less, just because.