Saturday, March 20, 2010

big sigh.

bad news [which isn't even bad news by the end]: since i didn't start my job until january, we had to pay one semester of out-of-state tuition for danny to go to school. worth it? yes. very, very expensive? yes. thankfully, we did receive some assistance from pell grants. everything is OFFicially paid off &we do not owe any money to anyone! biggest thanks to all of you who helped us get on our feet. we are forever thankful!

good news: we are officially residents of alabama for tuition purposes! so from now one we only have to pay the fraction of we did pay for tuition! &the most exciting part: we can start SAVING for the first time in our marriage! we now have a steady income &will be making more than we spend! i'm excited to save, for real for real.

other news: still don't have a camera, UGHH!! going a little crazy over here.
we went camping at lake lurleen over the weekend, BEAUTIFULLLL! (fun &exciting post with more details to follow).
dan is currently singing me songs on his electric guitar about fruit punch &other wonderfully wonderful subjects.
my blog is seriously neglected due to rARELY having internet connection. if dan's at school, he has the computer with him. if he's home- he's using it to study (which is all the time). so i have small windows. it's not conducive to faithful blogging.
we had a movie marathon the other night. the drifter, nicaraguan travel promotion video [en espanol], &one california day [surfing themed]. the drifter was an amazing movie &i urge you to see it! he focused on a lot of the things that bother me about our world &feelings i have had many times. we pulled the mattress off our bed and had a sleepover in the living room, complete with popcorn, chocolate, &cuddling.

love &miss you!