Sunday, February 21, 2010

weekly fashion plug.

i want to start a segment of my blog focusing on practical fashion, worn to empower. and by fashion i mean looking your best, dressing to fit your body type &body shape, feeling fabulous in your clothes, and working with what we have & learning how to put together outfits when you can't always shop at anthropologie. not to mention doing so in a classy way, without revealing an unnecessary amount of skin. we don't all look like this, or have the ability or desire to dress like this on a daily basis:

nor would we like to. we are different, unique, and every one beautiful. we need to embrace who we are &learn how to look our best so we, most importantly, FEEL our best!

i am intrigued by fashion, style, &fit. how the exact same woman can simply change the way she dresses &she can literally be transformed into a more confident, empowered, strong, &beautiful woman. so many girls &women do not realize their potential &they become complacent with the way they look, whether they be an squirmy 14-year old, a multi-tasking mother of 4, or a beautifully-aging empty nester.

every woman, regardless of age, size, financial situation, or even desire, should grant herself the right to look HER best. to not judge herself against others, but to look her best &by doing so, feel confident and inspired.

i am going to post an entry once a week with something along these lines. i'm not exactly sure what it will be or what this may transform into, but i do know this is something that is important to me& i hope that in some way i can inspire.

please comment &let me know what you think! i would love to hear your ideas:].