Friday, February 12, 2010

love is in the air! [&snow]

it is snowing in tuscaloosa, alabama &has been ALL DAY. this is a b i g deal here. everything has been cancelled/shut down. including the university of alabama. that means... SNOW DAY! dan put on his silly snow pants &i put on 4 layers &we tried to play in it a little. it's not sticking once it hits the ground, but we managed to make a few snowballs:].

i'm getting so excited for valentine's day. i've been working on valentine's &gifts &getting everything ready. i am going to make toffee &strawberry cheesecake! i even made valentine's for dan to take to the ninos he tutors but they will have to wait since school is cancelled! [they will be SO ecstatic about the pencils].

my camera is pretty much gone for good. i tried to use our last one, thinking just the screen was broken... but no luck! UGH! i feel like we are missing out on so many memories forever captured.