Monday, August 17, 2009

take a guess....

#1. we went to the fair over the weekend. it was just a mini rexburg-style fair. overview:

... the rodeo. we felt bad for the 4-year old girl who got caught in the lasso thing and was being drug by her colt [i felt bad at least...].

... i don't like rodeos because i feel bad for the little animals that they plunder &tie up their legs. i don't see why people think that's okay to do for entertainment.

... the button shop.

... the guy who ran the ride in the pic. i don't think he talks.

... we were feeling real fancy &we walked there &to the grocery store for candy. teh best.

... my $1 dress from a garage sale that is too perfect. &fitting me perfectly by now:].

#2. dan's working at western watts. he wins best dressed award [besides scott keller- his wonderful co-worker]. thas my man.

#3. we have some pretty big news coming in the blog to follow. or the blog following the one to follow. we are excited about it. &excited to share! stay tuned &you will be in the know. go ahead, take a wild guess... ... [if you know then shhh...]