Friday, July 25, 2014

swimming and sausage

I have fallen so behind on my blog. My goal over this time hanging out in Las Vegas was to get all caught up on my blog. But I could not bring my computer out due to space constraints, so I can not blog because all my photos are on my computer! So I'm starting now and will catch up on the last few months another time.

We are spending a week with my parents at their house before we head to Colorado for our family reunion. It has been such a relaxing week! Mimi and Papa are thrilled beyond thrilled to have their two little boys here with them and have been loving reading them stories, swimming with them, and cuddling.

Dan is done with his job (for the most part, besides some exciting new developments to be shared at a later date) and enjoying 2-4 swims a day and cable. I am enjoying seeing my family so happy and seeing my parents love on my babes and being able to run any errand at any time due to the plethora of babysitters. Jude is in a constant state of elation related to Tubby and the pool. And Abraham is as content as any baby ever in existence with his new surroundings and constant affection.

Back to Jude and the pool, he learned how to swim in about five minutes. The life jacket we used to have for him was the infant kind with the behind-the-head flap and it didn't allow him to swim very easily. He now has a puddle jumper thing and boy can he do just that. He literally swims from one side of the pool to the other, goes down the slide into the pool, and jumps in the pool OFF THE ROCKS!! He goes way down under too and when he pops back up he has a big smile on his face. He loves the little scrub brush that my parents used to scrub the tile and he will carry that around with him on his across the pool swim. When he first started swimming on his own, he would have a nervous laugh but before long was saying, "Let me go, Daddy!" He thinks his Daddy is probably the coolest Dad on the planet because he starts on the other side of the lawn, runs across, jumps on the boogie board, and surfs the entire distance of the pool. And Mommy's pretty cool too (jumping off the high rocks). Jude will be shivering and his teeth will be chattering but he has no intention or desire to get out. He is just like his daddy!

Abraham is just the love of all of our lives. He is honestly the most content baby I have ever known. I will literally forget he is over there (in the living room, or wherever) sometimes because he will just lay there quietly playing and examining his surroundings. But whenever someone does decide to come over and give him a little attention, he is absolutely elated and full of smiles and giggles and hugs and kisses to share. When Jude was Abraham's age, he always wanted to be turned away from whoever was holding him so he could see everything that was going on. But Abraham is more than content to nuzzle in and put both arms around your neck. Endearing... to say the least. He also loves to swim! We will dip him down in that, sometimes pretty chilly, water and he barely even seems to notice. He takes everything with ease and rarely looses his calm, cool, and collected attitude.

Uncle Garry was here for the first couple days we were down and it was so wonderful to spend time with him. He is such a loving guy and was so cute with the kids. We have missed swimming with him and hearing all his great stories. :)

Besides the fact that I'm having carb withdrawals, life couldn't be better. We are truly blessed!