Tuesday, March 6, 2012

look at that bass!

A couple Friday's ago Dan walked through the door around 5:30 pm, looking tired and dejected from a long day at school and before he could sigh I said... "let's go!" Fishing gear and blankets lined the front hall, Jude was all packed up and ready, and keys in hand. He was a little bamboozled.

Off we went to Lake Tamaha right down the road. We fished and had a picnic, black bean &corn pizza (my latest favorite) and fresh-baked chocolate chips cookies (my forever weekly favorite). He got his animo back shortly after he caught his first bass and got a little food in his belly. It was Jude's first fishing trip! He loved it and I think he was thrilled when Dad caught not only one, but three beautiful bass!

First Daddy/Son fishing picture... kind of.

It was almost impossible to get Dan to come in from fishing for dinner!!! Come onnnn....

He was glad he did. :)

such joy!!

Jude was being a sport int he pram. Soo bundled!

We were forced to leave once the son went down...

Dan's famous line.... "Just one more cast!!!"