Tuesday, July 26, 2011

twenty weeks.

i'm half-way there! me and my baby are getting to be best friends. it's the most wonderful thing. i feed baby yummy food and it kicks me in the stomach. it's the best. i give my cantaloupe half my oxygen and it gives me acid reflux. i love it more than anything. we like to take walks and eat popsicles together. we also like to indo board together (don't worry, i focus really hard). this baby is going to have awesome balance and boarding skills. we like cuddle. we like it so much we do it all time actually. my sweet little thing still lets me jump and do really high ninja kicks, but won't let me bend over without grunting.

this picture was taken in the parking lot of the doctors office, right after we found out if we were having a little boy or girl! it was the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and special experience. i'm in love.

announcement is soon to follow...