Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ohh baby.

it's true. we are bringing a little child into this world! dan is thrilled, ecstatic, excited, pumped... to be a daddy. i am excited, nervous, worried, waiting. overall, we are so, so excited to be mama and daddy! i like to think our life will be as wonderful as it is now... except sooo much better! we will have a little dan&rachy! i'm really looking forward to feeling that undescribable love everybody talks about when you have your own baby. i want to get all tingly when i see my baby and have no other desire than to sit and stare and hold that little ball of squish all day long. i've never been one to get all tingly for babies, but i just know i will be sooo over the moon and then to pluto and back for our very own creation! it doesn't always make sense. it's not always the right time. it's not always all planned out or payed for, but it's perfect.

the baby is scheduled for dec 12! tentatively, of course. whenever that little genius decides to come is going to be the day. the day of all days. last time we checked it's heart rate was 135. isn't that great? i still haven't felt my little one kicking or punching or somer-saulting. i'm still waiting to explode in my tummy. i don't really look tooo different yet. i have had two people tell me they can tell. one of the ladies i work last night looked at me and said "girl you boomin..." me: "what?!" "your hips are boomin!" so apparantly my hips are booming now. everyone else just teases me about it. but scrubs are very forgiving. more than anything i've been very emotional!

so, that's that. we are thrilled and excited and can't wait to have our own little youngster to wear matching tie-dye shirts with and play with sticks and make mud pies and go on family outings and oh boy, the adventures are already endless...