Monday, January 10, 2011

lovely&lively: WORKIN IT.

i love her use of neutrals, so perfectly popped with the mustard scarf (which is my favorite color) look at those shoes on the right, you would think they were the most mid-evil hideous things until you glance to the left and see how she WORKS them! that teaches us that you NEVER know until you try them on (so, so true with clothes). don't judge! i've been pining for some leather gloves like that. they would make me feel so unstoppable.

we need to be more excited to mix blacks, grays, and browns. some people feel that this is a fashion faux pas (i looked the spelling up on that one), but it is so refreshing and dark at the same time. please go look through your closet and find a lovely black, brown, and gray outfit right this instant! then wear one bright thing... ta da! you are high fashion.

and is she wearing bright red lipstick? no... but i wish she was. it would be the most divine thing. (that would be her one bright thing).

we love her. but we love you more, gao gairl...